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Flyers Faithful Christmas List 2013

I asked the Flyers Faithful staff what they wanted for Christmas. All they got was some cheap lottery tickets and a few mints that I had lying around in my coat pockets. But, here’s their list anyway:   Marcello De Feo (Flyers Faithful Founder, Fan of Alliteration) Back in 2010, when Flyers Faithful created its first Christmas wish list, I wanted nothing more than to see the healthy, triumphant return of Ian Laperriere. Three years later, I find myself wanting something similar. It has been over two years since the last time Chris Pronger played a game and it remains …


Kimmo Timonen takes Breaking Bad too seriously

(Warning: There are some spoilerish things about Breaking Bad below) KIMMO TIMONEN shows up to Flyers practice at the SKATE ZONE. He is sporting a new look with a goatee and pork pie hat. While skating around, he sees ERIK GUSTAFSSON block a shot. Kimmo skates over to Gus and uses his stick to tip him over.   KIMMO I am the one who blocks!   PAUL HOLMGREN calls Kimmo in to meet with him regarding the incident. Flyers broadcaster STEVE COATES joins him.   HOMER Kimmo, what is going on with you?   COATESY Uh, hey Paul, I’ll be …

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Podcast Episode 51: Yo, The Podcast (with @FlyGoalScoredBy)

On this edition of the Flyers Faithful podcast, Steve and Hal welcome back Fran from the ever great Flyers Goal Scored By and talk all things Flyers, hockey, and, well, pretty much everything about everything. They spoke for so long that Fran’s phone died. The guys also discuss the Flyers’ matchups against the Rangers, Capitals, and Hurricanes, John Erskine’s suspension for his hit on Wayne Simmonds, the mere possibility of Jerome Iginla in orange and black, and whether we’ve all been overreacting just a teensy bit. Finally, a big stick tap to everyone involved in assisting the family of the late Mark Marinelli (especially Phillies Nation …

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Podcast: Episode 47, Jim Jackson

On this edition of the Flyers Faithful podcast, Steve and Hal talk to Flyers television play by play broadcaster Jim Jackson about his career, his favorite games, Coatesy, Twitter (and whether he’ll be making Don Cherry type rants on there), and take a look at the upcoming Flyers season.

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Jim Jackson: The Flyers Faithful interview

Jim Jackson has been a part of the fabric of Flyers hockey ever since he was brought to the organization as the radio play-by-play voice back in 1993. On the advent of his 20th year calling NHL action here in Philadelphia, JJ was kind enough to talk to Bob H. on a variety of topics related to his journey through the years that has landed him with one of the top clubs in the National Hockey League and as a fixture for not only hockey, but also Phillies baseball. BH: It’s common knowledge that you’re from Upstate New York. From …