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After Video Review: Power Play Zone Entries

After Video Review is a feature that I will run a few times throughout the Flyers’ season. I’ve played hockey for about ten years and one of the things I enjoy (or get frustrated over) about watching the Flyers is the strategies they employ in different situations. After having the chance to attend a few Flyers games this season and being able to take in the entire ice at once, one of the things that jumped out at me was how the Flyers attempt to enter the offensive zone on power plays.

Image Courtesy of  Paul Bereswill / Getty Images North America

Crashing the Crease: Long-term Shootout Shortcomings

We’re all Flyers fans here. Given that, we know the areas where the Orange and Black have consistently come up short. One of those, pardon my French, most damnably obvious areas has to be the shootout. The reality of just how bad this team is after the 65-minute mark may not be grasped by all, but a quick look at the stats reveals that the Flyers are very comfortable basement dwellers here. Thanks in large part to Winnipeg’s only having played in eight shootouts since re-expanding into the league, the Flyers sit firmly in 29th place in shootout wins. Their …