Heres Rinny

Here’s Rinny!

  Zac Rinaldo was a little scary looking on the Flyer bench last night in the midst of the orange and black’s dominance over the Ottawa Senators. Let’s hope Craig Berube didn’t have to smash him over the head and stick him in a walk-in refrigerator. Stick tap to @JustFred236 on Twitter for the photoshop inspiration.

1976 Flyers Simpsons

Flyers in Pop Culture: The 1976 Philadelphia Flyers?

In the fourth edition of The Simpsons annual Halloween special, Treehouse of Horror, (way back in 1993!) Flyers fans noticed an extra special addition to the “jury of the damned”. Joining the likes of Benedict Arnold, Lizzie Borden, Richard Nixon, John Wilkes Booth, Blackbeard, and John Dillinger was the starting line of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers! It’s random, sure, and the guys that The Simpsons’ artists put out there neither look nor dress like our beloved Broad Street Bullies (blue and white short sleeved jerseys!?), but the reference is absolutely appreciated. This is easily one of the most famous pop …