Courtesy Adirondack Phantoms

Glens Falls’ best hope for future is still to support the team it has now

When the Phantoms announced last week they’d remain in Glens Falls for another season, their release contained a caveat that struck an unusual note to those not attuned to the unique rhythms of the drawn out dance between city and team. Fairly high in the Phantoms’ statement, Glens Falls’ mayor Jack Diamond trumpeted the franchise’s pledge to step aside for parts unknown next season should another franchise pledge to move to Glens Falls. “Why announce that part,” the Flyers own inside reporter Anthony SanFilippo wrote on Twitter. “Doesn’t instill confidence for fans for next season.” That was a pretty typical reaction outside …

Ben Holmstrom leaves the ice after a morning skate the day of the AHL Outdoor Classic in January. 
Photo by Tim McManus

Holmstrom’s loss a serious one. So now what?

After covering the Phantoms for three years, I thought I had a pretty good idea of how they go about their business. But the organization surprised me Thursday by issuing a statement addressing Ben Holmstrom’s knee injury and upcoming surgery. I can’t speak for the Philadelphia years, but that’s an unprecedented step since the move to Glens Falls in 2009. I can’t recall the team making any official comment on injuries, and there have been a few significant ones. Johan Backlund, the team’s 2009-10 MVP, missed large chunks of time. Krys Kolanos — don’t laugh, he was a big AHL deal …

Public address announcer Dan Miner and his wife, Lisa, work in the press box late in the third period of Saturday's game.

Going for the hockey, staying for the people

By the time I made it to the front of the line outside of the Glens Falls Civic Center box office, my nose was cold, my boots were covered in a layer of slush, and I could have really used a beer. Then I found out I was in the wrong line. Will call was inside. When I finally got my ticket, I handed the whole package — stapled envelope included — to the guy at the door. If there was any doubt I’m new to this ticket stuff — translation:  I’m used to being a spoiled reporter — that …


A look at the Phantoms so far

When it comes to the Phantoms and winning hockey games, my relationship is a bit like a dog who’s been smacked in the nose with a newspaper too many times. One day the owner innocently lifts the sports section — people still do this, right? — and I dive under the kitchen table. So I as watched the updates stream in during the latter stages of their game Sunday at Syracuse, forgive me for thinking, ‘Here we go again.’ ” The Phantoms were dangerously close to losing three straight games on the weekend and falling to 2-5 overall. To their …


Answering reader mail, even when there isn’t any

I’ll let you in on a little media secret. Every time a writer uses a column to answer mail, or even better, “clean out the mailbag,” it usually means they just don’t have a strong enough premise to carry a whole piece. Or they just ran out of time. I cop to both those this week. With the Phantoms having played only four games, two of them in the far reaches of St. John’s, Newfoundland, there isn’t a whole lot of new material to cover. So please forgive me for me turning to the old writer’s crutch of answering reader …