Poll: Who should the Flyers exercise their compliance buyouts on?

As part of the tentatively agreed to CBA agreement between the NHL and NHLPA each team has two compliance buyouts they can use over the next two summers. Compliance buyouts would not impact the team’s salary cap. I’ve included the obvious candidates as well as, for the sake of being thorough, the other long-term contracts on the roster. *One thing to note, currently, like in the expired CBA, teams cannot buy out injured players. That could throw a wrench in any plans for the Flyers to buy out Chris Pronger. Feel free to explain your reasoning in the comments!

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NHL lockout from a European Perspective

Obviously, every NHL fan wants a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, but what about hockey fans in Europe? It probably comes as no surprise, but many hockey fans on the continent are satisfied with the “all-quiet-on-NHL-front“ status. As a Flyers fan in the Czech Republic, I can attest to this very thing. On September 15 the old CBA expired and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman ordered a lockout. At the time, a lot of European born players started seeking a “short-term“ solution back at their respective home countries. They went back to Finland, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and the Slovak …

Homer’s Do’s and Doh’s: A Closer Look

Paul Holmgren became the interim General Manager of the Philadelphia Flyers on October 22, 2006. That interim title was removed only weeks later on November 11. Holmgren was able to take a team that finished last in the National Hockey League, and rebuild it to make a deep run all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals the very next season. Yes, some of Holmgren’s moves have been amazing, but he’s also a guy who has gotten this organization into some hot water with the salary cap and was forced to make deals that were head scratchers to say the least. If you enjoyed …

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50 Shades of Orange

What you are about to read is the brainchild of Kim Pollock and Steve Jacot, inspired by various Tumblr users and an overall lack of anything substantial to write about re: hockey. Grab yourself a glass of wine, light a few candles, and settle in as we give you an exclusive look at excerpts from the upcoming “50 Shades of Orange.” Hartnell let loose his wild hair as he climbed into bed. Hartsy picked the Cheetos out of his beard and swept her into his arms. Bryz said something unintelligible about world commerce and the effect penguins had on it …

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Be More Offensive?

It appears the latest round of negotiations between the National Hockey League and the NHLPA to solve the lockout might lead to some positive results, finally giving the fans a team back to root for. But if the Flyers were to take the ice in the immediate future, would the fans even be happy with what they saw? This has been a relatively disappointing offseason for the Flyers. The bread and butter of the Orange and Black last season was their offense, but it doesn’t appear on paper to have improved. Diving in deeper only causes more concern. The Flyers …