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  • Marcello De Feo


    As a young child, my father kept me up in my playpen late at night to watch the Flyers. He swears that my first word was "goal." Born and raised barely over a mile from the Spectrum, Flyer hockey has always been in my blood. I also have a long background in journalism that spans over the last 15 years. In high school, I wrote for a section of the Philadelphia Daily News called Fresh Ink. I was elected the Editor-in-Chief of my University's newspaper my sophomore year of college. Upon graduating, I moved to Colorado four a couple of years and worked for a daily newspaper. I also wrote freelance stories for a number of different publications. My hope is that Flyers Faithful will become a platform to help out local organizations and to build up a sense of community among all fans of the orange and the black.

  • Penalty Killer


  • Frick


    frick is a slightly deranged Flyers (and Phillies, but since this is a hockey site, who cares about them?) fanatic who is both addicted to the internet and yet cannot wait to get a break from it. Mostly sarcastic, with a dry sense of humor. Likes the beach, reading and rum drinks. Perhaps not in that order.

  • Bob H


    It all started with a kid-sized Koho hockey stick, an orange Mylec puck and your standard Abbott's milk crate. The Flyers making the 1984-85 season one of the most special in franchise history, complete with a Stanley Cup Finals appearance, didn't hurt either. Since then, Bob H has participated in, broadcasted, seen on TV or attended more than 2,000 hockey games at every level from recreational leagues on up to the NHL. The good news is, it's created a tremendous backlog of experiences from which he can draw material, That's also the bad news, because it always ends up a couple hundred words too long. James Joyce would be proud, though. Bob currently works for a North American-based internet sports wire service, where he watches all or part of roughly 400 college and NHL games per season, writing game recaps, feature stories and season previews. You can find him lost in nostalgia, or up in the press box on South Broad Street, or on the road to hockey locales along the East Coast. Favorite Hockey Movie: Slap Shot Favorite Hockey Song: Hit Somebody - Warren Zevon (with David Letterman) Favorite Hockey Locale: Broadcast booth, Conte Forum at Boston College

  • Nick D


    I love the Flyers and hockey in general. I enjoy writing. I also quite like music especially guys like Jeff Buckley, Butch Walker, the Black Keys, Thursday, As Tall As Lions, Thrice, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Mars Volta, Miles Davis, and lots of others. I attended and graduated from Temple University with a bachelor's degree in Broadcasting Telecommunications and Mass Media. That's really all you need to know about me.

  • Pavialax


    I’m a 30-something physician assistant with a hockey addiction. I started watching the Flyers in college, thanks to a roommate, and married a lifelong Flyers fan who helps feed my hockey habit with the NHL Center Ice package and a live game or two each year. I grew up in a southern state and currently live in a different southern state. Although I’ve never actually been on ice skates, I want to someday learn to ice skate and maybe, just maybe, I’ll play a little bit of hockey. If I am not watching hockey, you’ll probably find me in the kitchen (I love to cook and bake), playing with my 2 dogs or hanging out with family and friends. Over the past few years I’ve met some wonderful people online and have found that I could help answer some of the questions they had about various injuries and illnesses as they happen in the NHL, so now I hope to share that with you fine people. If you have any questions on the how, when, or why of a particular injury, please don’t be shy – go ahead and contact me and I’ll do my best to explain in RICE & MICE.

  • Craig F


    When he was six years old, Craig Forsythe found a passion for the Orange and Black. Although he grew up in Bel Air, Maryland, Craig was introduced to sports by his father Tom, an individual who grew up in Yardley, Pennsylvania with a love for all of Philly's sports' teams. Thanks to seeing around 25 Flyers' games live in total during his kindergarten and first grade years, Craig deemed the Flyers his favorite team due to their tactics of physicality and intimidation. Through the years his interest and love for the team has only grown, including the 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 seasons where he barely saw any games due to the lack of Flyers' contests on national television. From arguing with Capitals' fans on a daily basis during middle school and high school, enduring years where NHL GameCenter was more of a priority than rent, and living with a Chicago Blackhawks' fan since the summer of 2011, it's safe to say Craig has paid his dues as a Flyers' fan. Follow him on twitter at @4sytheNthFlyers

  • Eden N


    My mission is simply to get more Americans into hockey. I love hockey, I love the Flyers, and I love being a new fan. I'm easily forgiven.

  • Jim Hasson


    There was a time in his life, when Jim thought about nothing else than Hockey, and then he discovered girls ,or more correctly, at least 1 girl allowed him to touch her boobs and Hockey was put on the back burner. Jim grew up in Havertown and is a 4 for 4 homer with the Flyers being his #1 Team. He is a veteran of Guest Park Street Hockey and the Havertown Skatium. Another Girl, his daughter Sarah, took up another chunk of his time, to which Hockey was a passing interest. Now, both of those girls are pretty much sick of his shennanigans and have allowed him to reconnect with his first true love, Hockey. Jim also writes for and Yelp. He is a 2 time winner of Philly's Funniest Yelper yet around his teenage daughter and her friends, hes about as funny as Shindlers List. I suppose you can read his collected works so you can be the judge...

  • Dain S


    My earliest hockey memories involve Leon Stickle and a hatred for the NY Islanders. Also there was some Gretkzy kid who wasn't too bad either. My first team that I ever loved was the 84-85 Flyers when my Mom got me a Flyers calender for Christmas. Listened to every game on my Walkman and grew up on Gene Hart and "the Chief" Bobby Taylor. Haven't stopped following the Flyers since.

  • Filip Strych


    Filip Strych grew up as a sports fan - mainly ice-hockey and football. Firstly he was fan of HC Vsetin from the Czech Extraliga. Since 1997 he's been a Flyers fan. In 2001 he completely turned into NHL-fan-only mode. FlyersFaithful represents his first writing experience in the sports area in English. He shortly worked for and their Jagr's blog.

  • Steve Jacot


    Steve Jacot is one of the managing editors of Flyers Faithful. He also writes for the site along with producing and hosting the Flyers Faithful Podcast. Steve is a graduate of Temple University and former intern at WPEN (from before it got all fancy and ESPN owned). He’s also a born and bred Philadelphia Flyers fan who would scream like a little girl if he ever met Lindros and LeClair.

  • Hal G


    Hal grew up just outside of Philadelphia in Ambler, PA. He attended Temple University and graduated with a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. He received his Master's degree from Villanova University in Human Services and Counseling. During junior year of high school through freshman year of college, he worked for the Philadelphia Eagles writing stories and creating content for Hal grew up a Philadelphia sports fan and is a "4 for 4" guy. He attends all sporting events and lists Game 5 of the Phillies World Series as his highlight.

  • Kim Pollock


    Kim Pollock grew up a sports fan, though her love for hockey didn't come around until about 5-6 years ago. Once she started to fall, though, she fell fast. It started with the Flyers, and over the years, she began to follow a few other teams - names will not be named. Over the past few years, she was about to combine her two passions - writing and sports - and covered both the Philadelphia Phillies and the Flyers in contributions to a few different blogs, including Chicks Dig The Long Ball, Philly Sports Daily, and TCL Flyers before joining Flyers Faithful in March of 2012.

  • Kevin Christmann

    Managing Editor

    Like many of you I'm sure, I come from a Philadelphia Sports crazed family, and hockey is no exception. My Dad and Uncles were Flyers season ticket holders during the Stanley Cup days, and at about age 11, I promised myself that the first thing I'd buy, when I got a "real job", would be season tickets. Sure enough, I graduated from Drexel University in 2009 and promptly bought my tickets. The 2004-2005 lockout and subsequent CBA changes ignited a fascination with the business side of hockey that I never knew I had. I'm the guy that has a PDF of the CBA on my laptop, desktop, work laptop, and my phone. You never know when you'll need to look something up! At a certain point, my friend's asked me the same question enough times that I thought “maybe I should start writing this down”, and thus started my blogging career. I hope to be able to contribute to Flyers Faithful, foster discussion, and help it to continue to grow!

  • Kevin A


    When I was a youngster, I fancied myself the next John LeClair. As the only one of my group of friends with a left handed shot (despite being right handed), it seemed fitting to pattern myself after the Flyers' most popular left winger of the time. But after not playing for a few years when my little brother was born, my return to competitive, organized hockey in sixth grade led me to realize I was no longer able to skate as well as most. So I made the obvious choice for a kid bigger than many of his peers who wasn't much of a skater: I decided to play goal. It turned out to be a great decision, as I realized I had a knack for it and the drive to compete for every save. After several years of watching and learning everything I could about playing the position, I've been lucky enough to have played goal for several years on some great teams and made many friends. Now my goal is to pass on the knowledge about goaltending that I've acquired over the years. I've coached mites, high school goaltenders, and passed on advice to younger tenders in my college club before graduating, and am always ready to start a discussion on Flyers' goaltending at a moment's notice, which is fortunate because it's a constant topic in Philly. I hope I can introduce the Flyers Faithful crowd to some new perspective on the position.

  • Justin Brennan


    Follow me on Twitter @HeyItsBrenno I come from a slightly different background than most kids in the Delaware Valley. My family didn’t really care about sports, so they were never thrust upon me. Luckily, street hockey was big in my neighborhood and goalies were in short supply, so I did the right thing and strapped on the pads. We started playing each afternoon in elementary school, and a seemingly natural obsession with Flyers hockey took flight shortly thereafter. After years of playing and coaching, I’ve come to develop a decent understanding of the technical aspects of goaltending. Given that, my aim as a contributor here is to use whatever knowledge and references I have to highlight technical aspects of the game from a goalie’s perspective and provide some insight into what exactly our Flyers goalies are doing out on the ice. Or are attempting to do.

  • Marc Siciliano


    A Quinnipiac Grad for Media Production but a Flyers fan from the womb, it’s my honor to write about Flyers hockey here at Flyers Faithful. I’ve been covering the Flyers for several years, recently peaking in the press box of Citizen’s Bank Park as Bernie Parent made his last save on ice before my eyes. It’s been an honor to write about the team in many capacities, and I look forward to continuing to do so every day I can. When I’m not talking writing about the Fly guys or discussing them on twitter (@marcs797), you can find me in the post production phase of some of your favorite sports programming. I’ve been blessed to have worked on shows like ‘Hard Knocks: Bengals’ and ‘24/7 Pens-Caps’, and now do my best to cut sports highlights for a national audience. When it comes down to it, I just love to tell stories of sports in any way I can. Thanks for reading!

  • Tim Mcmanus


    The Phantoms just seem to have a way of following Tim around. When he was growing up in South Philly, a few blocks from the old Spectrum, the Philadelphia Phantoms were in their glory days, winning two Calder Cups as one of the AHL's top draws. A journalism career took Tim to beautiful upstate New York in 2007, and sure enough, two years later the Phantoms moved to Glens Falls. After three years of covering the team for The Post-Star, Tim moved back to Philly this year, but he just can't cut the cord and stop writing about them. He thanks Flyers Faithul for indulging him. For more, see

  • Casey Lumbra


    It was all John LeClair's fault. Casey grew up in northern Vermont just minutes away from Mr. LeClair and was a fan during his time at the University of Vermont. So it was only natural to follow LeClair's career, even during his Canadiens days, until he landed in Philly and it was all over from there. Even upon Leclair's departure, Casey bled orange and black. Now a resident of upstate New York and a two minute drive from the Glens Falls Civic center, he is able to survive his long distance relationship with the Flyers just a little more now that the Phantoms are in town.

  • Tom Zulewski


    Tom Zulewski is from Horsham, PA and is a graduate from Penn State University. He received a B.A. in journalism and minored in kinesiology. Besides writing, passions include traveling, weightlifting, hockey, and the outdoors. Tom was an executive board member of the Penn State Hockey Management Association and editor for the student run ComRadio. He aspires to be a professional beat writer someday covering an NHL team for a newspaper. He is also an Eagle Scout.

  • Jared Abbott


    Jared lives in Flemington, New Jersey and is a senior at Penn State University- University Park. He is double majoring in Broadcast Journalism with an emphasis in sports and Psychology. He played division II club ice hockey at Penn State for the Ice Lions. Jared is a passionate Philadelphia sports fan.

  • Guest Writer


    Welcome to an article written by a guest writer. If you are interested in writing a post for Flyers Faithful, get in touch with us through our contact page. Please not, however, that we will not accept thinly veiled spam or any form of free advertising. Your content must be relevant and specific to the Flyers.

  • Shane Raines


    I am a passionate and loyal Philadelphia Flyers fan. Since the day I was born, my father raised me to be a diehard of the Orange and Black. He helped teach me everything I know about the game of hockey. I continue to try and better my knowledge of the game with every passing second. My favorite Flyer of all time would be the one and only John LeClair. LeClair was the definition of and demonstrated every night how to play Flyers’ hockey. One aspect of hockey that I am extremely interested in is trade rumors. I will try my best to dissect rumors not only from the Flyers’ point of view, but also from the opposing teams, to see if they are practical. You can follow me on twitter (@SGRaines9180) where I will discuss mostly everything hockey related, but some not hockey related. I hope you enjoy reading the website! Let’s go Flyers!

  • Russ Hryvnak


    I have always had a love for the sport of Ice Hockey. Although it sort of dropped off in my high school years, it all came rushing back during the Winter Olympics of 2010. That gold medal game between Canada and the United States was so intense; it made me wonder why I had ever stopped paying attention to the sport. I have begun playing again as well as writing about hockey. Never have I been more passionate about it as I am today. Currently I play around three nights a week, watch games every night and write about hockey as often as I can. Personally, I can respect any team out there, but my one and only love is the Philadelphia Flyers. The mix of skill and grit that the Flyers play with matches my personality perfectly. Maybe that’s why I love them so much. I am working on my Journalism degree as well as a follow up Broadcasting degree. I write for two personal blogs, one about hockey and one about life. I am 100% thrilled about writing for Flyers Faithful after all, as they say “When you do something you love, you never work a day in your life.”

  • Geoff Mang


    I once had black and orange braces that's how deep my love is for the Flyers.

  • Kyle Martin


    I didn't really get into hockey until I was 11, but once I went to my first game I was hooked. Naturally, my first season as a fan was my first brush with the disappointment that comes along with Flyers hockey, as the year ended by blowing a 3-1 series lead to the Devils. Despite the downer ending, hockey quickly became my favorite sport. I quit playing baseball and took up hockey and I've never looked back. The Flyers have always been my favorite team, but I love the sport as a whole and enjoy watching many teams play at various levels (including my alma maters Penn State and University of Minnesota). Much like hockey, writing has always been a hobby of mine, as I've written for a handful of sites since 2007. Surprisingly, I've never really covered hockey before, so I jumped at the chance to be a part of Flyers Faithful.

  • Erik Bond


    I'm just your normal 23-year old guy. I love fast cars, sports, and cold beer. I was born and raised on the game of hockey. Roller hockey, ice hockey, and watching the Flyers. It didn't take much for me to fall in love with it, and once I got the hang of it, I was hooked for life. Unfortunately I can't play as much as I would like to any more due to several serious knee injuries, but I still find time to play whenever I can, and as you'll see, write about it. I've been to Lake Placid, played on the same rink as the 1980 United States Men's hockey team. I've played at the Spectrum before it was torn down. I've had the privilege of meeting many professional hockey players over my time, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

  • Collin Mehalick


    25 Years Young, Season Ticket Holder Previews & Analytics

  • Stephane Hardinger

  • Scott Stein